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He Walks Into Our Pain With Us (Jesus pt. 90)

Sometimes I come to Jesus with tears in my eyes, almost always with them in my heart, and I ask… sometimes sob, sometimes wail, sometimes just whisper …”Fix this. Oh please, fix this.”

And instead of fixing it like I hoped, wanted, asked, begged…He does something different… unexpected…at times so very disappointing…yet ultimately better. He walks into the pain with me.

Walking with Jesus...is a bit more intense as one walks further with Him.

When you start walking with Jesus there is no telling where He will lead you.

A God who doesn’t always fix things. Who has the power to resolve and heal with a word yet chooses not to. Not how I expect anyway. Who says, “I know this hurts. I know how things are playing out is profoundly disappointing for you. I know my choices for you aren’t what you would choose and lead you to question my goodness and love for you. But what you see as a “non-answer” is actually a better answer. There are things I am doing in you through the pain that are worth far more than just the avoidance of the pain. Will you trust Me? Will you let me walk into it with you? Will you follow Me where I am leading you?”

Somehow, walking with Jesus into my pain is better than Him just fixing it.

A God who willingly gets His hands dirty in the mess of my life. Who not only allows, but welcomes the questions and wrestling that come with an honest experience with Him. Who doesn’t phone in His participation in my life, but goes there with me, to the darkness, the weeping…and walks with me in it all. And then, when I can’t walk anymore but just crumple on the roadside, sits with me, holds me, watches over me, till I can get up again.

The journey of sanctification, of growing in my faith, of growing me, leads through pain, not around it.

Pain has a work to do in my life. One that is so important, so valuable and ultimately so wonderful that Jesus, in His love, can’t deny me. It leads me to Him. To more of Him. To bypassing the trap of knowing a lot about Jesus and thinking that is the same as actually KNOWING Him.

A God who gives His presence as the greatest gift. Who refuses to allow me to think His gifts are the greatest gift. Who takes my pain and flips it, using it for me and not against me.

Ps. 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


2 thoughts on “He Walks Into Our Pain With Us (Jesus pt. 90)

  1. This really touched me, as we are ‘waiting’ for my Mum to pass from this life to the next. Why has Jesus allowed her to linger on so long?
    The other day I had some special times with her, and while she was able to speak, I was able to ask her for forgiveness and say sorry for events through our lives, through not being the daughter she thought I should be …
    Somehow I feel there is still some ‘unfinished business’ that God is working out through her and in her. Perhaps others too need to speak?
    Thanks Deanna, a thought provoking post again.


  2. Deanna, the past few years has been a long and weary journey for us, a journey which has taken us through some of our darkest days. Along the way, I always knew God was with us, leading us, directing us in the way we should go. I have prayed and prayed and prayed, but God has not moved in the way I feel he should (an old Truth song comes to mind). Just two nights ago, I cried out in a way I have never cried before, shouting to God, at God actually, in a way I have never shouted before. My heart has been torn into a million pieces and though I know in my heart God is moving, I came to a point where I felt he had deserted me and the situations (yes, more than one) for which I have been praying. When I read your title “He Walks Into Our Pain With Us,” I realized that not only do we worship and serve a God who walks by our side, along with us, sometimes carrying us, but we worship and serve a God who “walks into our pain with us.” He walks right in, straight in and without hesitation. He walks into our pain with us and he walks into it with power.

    Thank you for such a beautiful post.


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