Deanna Davis. Authentic. Insightful. A true disciple-maker. The type of storyteller whose stories proclaim the Truth and stay with you. While in college, I served on our Baptist Student Union leadership team. Our college minister once asked us “If money was no object and you could have anyone come and speak at our Winter Retreat, who would you choose?” All of us answered, “Deanna Davis!” Ten years of ministry and life experience later and my answer is still the same.

Liz Stewart
Associate Dean of Students
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


“I have had the privilege to get to know Deanna Davis both personally and through her teachings, which I am very thankful for. She is a warm, gentle but also bold person who manages to communicate the truth from God´s word in an inspiring, challanging and sometimes surprising way. I admire the way she manages to encourage people – and her personal experience from how to live the life in Christ through pain gives her huge credibility in communicating the Good News to the broken.”

Vetle Leksbø

Pastor in Bjølsen Misjonskirke, Oslo, Norway.


“When Deanna Davis stands to speak or sits to type, she becomes like a master chef concocting a trademark delicacy. Mixing scriptural depth with personal reflections, Deanna serves up fresh theological insights that will draw you closer to Jesus and shed light on what it means to be human. Rather than simply pleasing the palette, Deanna’s content nourishes the soul. Eat up and be filled!”
Jonathan Merritt, Author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined; Senior columnist for Religion News Service

Deanna Davis is a woman of incredible integrity and with a great heart for the Lord. Over the years I have watched her grow into a world class teacher and trainer of young men and women. She has the ability to speak right into their lives and clearly communicate truth that is transformational. In this ever changing climate of cultural shifts, it is good to know there is such a young lady with a passion to help this generation address the questions they have and find the only answers that will make an eternal significance.

Dr. Andrew Weems
Campus Minister of the Baptist Campus Ministry at the University of South Carolina, and former Director of Crosswalk Collegiate Ministries Dayton, OH

“Deanna Davis is not only a gifted communicator, but a talented writer and teacher of God’s Word.  She has a passion for leading people to personally grow deeper in their relationship with God and understanding more about His Word.  She is one of the most multi-talented communicators of our time and continues to amaze me with her passion for God.”

~James Merritt, Pastor-Cross Pointe Church, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention

“When Deanna Davis speaks, women listen.  Her words reveal the depth of her soul, vastness of her wisdom, and the strength of her faith.  Her gift of prophecy is evident through her writing and speaking, offering a challenge as well as encouragement and comfort to women seeking to following Christ.”

Janet Speer
Adult Leadership Consultant
Georgia WMU & Women’s Ministry
Georgia Baptist Convention

“In a word: she’s remarkable! I’ve known Deanna for over 5 years as friend, fellow idea- exchanger, “family” and teammate, through the joys and trials of reaching out to post-modern university students as a team in wintery, many times atheistic, eastern Germany. I value her clarity and boldness in sharing her faith; her commitment to what counts in being a family; her super wise counsel for university students and young couples; her creative streak!; her loyalty to maintaining disciplines in her spiritual life; and her patience and perspective in trials. Her teaching will challenge you with authenticity and heart and laughter! Be assured, the life that stands behind the teaching is just as real, and full of passionate about Jesus!”

Martha Moore, founder of Connexxion Student Ministry, in Germany and Spain

“Deanna Davis is a Discipler and Life Coach who connects with the reader on common ground through her experiences. She lives a life of excellence for Christ and has a desire to invest in the lives of others. Deanna has a passion for scripture and the ability to deal with one’s root issues by applying Biblical principles. She then offers practical steps to living a redeemed life.”

James Forrester, Associate Campus Minister North Georgia College and State University

With much creativity and suitable to whoever listens, Deanna forms truths about God into stories and pictures. She creates a passion in you to get to know God outside the box. In conversations she has the extraordinary ability to look behind the facade, to hear the question behind the question. She creates a hunger in you to know more about the God that she follows with so much love and humbleness.

Vera Witthuhn Campus Minister with Connexxion Student Ministry in Hamburg Germany

I have had the privilege of knowing Deanna Davis for several years.  The very first time I heard her teach, my heart was blessed beyond measure.  I knew that God has called Deanna and empowered her to be a teacher, an encourager, and a friend to women all over the world.  He has gifted her with the rare ability to share the Word of God with passion and practicality.  In addition, He has given her a heart to mentor younger women and to reach out to older women.  Deanna listens carefully to God’s Word and shares It, faithfully, with others.  You will learn to love Deanna and her wisdom, as I have.

Gerry Sisk         Women’s Ministry Director, Author, Speaker

I have known Deanna for 15 years…and can attest that she is a mature and growing Christian – dedicated to loving and serving Jesus. She is an excellent speaker and Bible study teacher as well as a gifted writer.  Deanna engages her audiences with humor, personal anecdotes and passion as she leads them into a deeper understanding of God’s Word! It is evident that she is a dedicated student of the Bible, and her gift of teaching brings the Scripture alive and makes it applicable for daily living.  Her personal life as a devoted wife, mother and friend is remarkably balanced with her strong commitment to personal discipleship and spiritual preparation. She and her husband are very involved and active in their home church which gives her a strong base of support and accountability.

Von Rogers, Campus Minister at Young Harris College and assistant to the campus ministers at North Georgia College and State University and Gainesville College

I have had the unique privilege of sitting under Deanna Davis’ teaching on several occasions and different venues. I can most assuredly say that regardless of the setting, she has a God-given ability to extract the richness and fullness of God’s written word is such a way that your mind and your soul are indeed “full” when you leave her teaching.

Rhonda Hardy, member of Crosspointe Church


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